Long-term Purchase Contract

We negotiate offtake agreements that secure quality sales and pricing for suppliers. Our industrial experience and expertise enable fuild management of project finance transactions to settle on the most profitable terms.

Long-term Supply Contract

We established contracts that ensure the surety of cost and supply to end buyers.

Local Currency Trading

Our contracts are managed with local currency rates, which reduces foreign exchange risks for buyers and suppliers. We offer effective hedging solutions using currency forwards, futures and options which are closely monitored for the most profitable results.

Payment on Delivery

Suppliers may be paid upon delivery without delay to regulate seamless trading.

Buyer Purchase Funding

We provide the most suitable funding options for buyers who require funding prior to the delivery of goods. Our flexible arrangements with leading financial institutions provide partners with the assurance of quick and reliable transaction financing for their projects.


We offer comprehensive logistic capabilities for global trading. The company covers major trading routes between Malaysia, South & East China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and UAE. Each phase in the handling and management of goods is diligently coordinated. Our efficient logistics team ensures that all supplies are always delivered on time and on target.