Broad Spectrum Of Commodities And Energy Products

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas trading has evolved over the years. At NW Corporation, we actively trade these products through our extensive regional network.

The massive fluctuations of oil and gas make them a highly attractive option for many savvy traders.

Some of the oil and gas products we trade include:
❑ Crude Oil
❑ Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
❑ Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
❑ Gasoline
❑ Middle Distillates
❑ Fuel Oil
❑ Bitumen

Metals, Minerals & Ores

Likewise, we also conduct the trading of metals, minerals, and ores.

These precious materials are essential to the countless usage areas in our everyday life. From transportation to building and more, these products that we trade face growing popularity with its use.

By assisting the steady supply of these raw materials, we help to contribute to the development of the international economy.

❑ Coal
❑ Iron Ore
❑ Bauxite
❑ Zinc & Lead
❑ Sand
❑ Aggregates
❑ Limestone

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